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Succeed in America

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Congratulations. You have started your career. What do you need to know now?

When starting your career, you have questions:

  • How do I manage my time to be most productive?
  • How do I handle stress?
  • What do I do about things like insurance and taxes?
  • Should I rent an apartment or purchase?

These classes will answer those questions and more. Plus, you can speak to one of our coaches to help with more information.

Who is it for

  • Graduates
  • Young professionals

What do you get

Critical information about how to succeed in your job and career. Plus the basics of settling in the U.S.

Succeed in America

24.5 Hours

Time Management 

  • Time Management Fundamentals: Evaluating and Improving Time Management
  • Time Management Fundamentals: Managing Workload
  • Time Management and Action
  • Time Management Fundamentals: Organizing Tasks and Creating Uninterrupted Time
  • Time Management Fundamentals: Managing Time with Co-Workers
  • Time Management for Maximum Productivity: Prioritizing and Procrastinating
  • Time Management for Maximum Productivity: Managing Time Together


  • ILS: Workplace Communication
  • STS: Conflict Resolution for Adults
  • STS: Cross-Cultural Communication
  • STS: Sexual Harassment Awareness
  • STS: Stress Management
  • STS: Tolerance

Financial Management

  • ILS: Employee Deductions, Benefits, and Rights
  • ILS: Rent-to-own Pros and Cons
  • PFM: Car Buying
  • PFM: Meeting Your Insurance Needs
  • PFM: The Essentials of Credit

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