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Standing Out to Get a Job

Standing Out to Get a Job  *20% Discount*  ($336 For 90 Day Subscription )


We Show You Exactly How to Win the Best Internship or Job

When seeking an internship, you have questions:

  • How do I best explain my strengths and experiences?
  • How do I best present myself in an interview?
  • What is the best way to write a cover letter?
  • How do I follow up after an interview?

These classes will answer those questions and more. Plus, you can speak to one of our coaches for further help and information.

Who is it for

  • Upperclassmen
  • Graduate students
  • Young professionals

What do you get

You get an internship or a job. You get to start your career off on the right step. There is competition for jobs in America. We teach you how to position yourself as a superior candidate.

Stand Out to Get a Job

33.5 Hours

Job Basics

  • ILS: Career Exploration
  • ILS: Basic Letters
  • ILS: Cover Letters
  • ILS: Job Applications and Interviews
  • ILS: Thank You Letters
  • Resumes: Choosing a Resume Format
  • Resumes: Starting Out with a Bang
  • Resumes: Packing a Powerful Resume
  • Resumes: Circulating Your Resume

Interview Skills

  • Interview Skills: Getting the Interview
  • Interview Skills: Preparing Yourself

The Interview

  • Interview Skills: Making an Entrance
  • Interview Skills: Listening and Answering

Interview Control

  • Interview Skills: Taking the Reins
  • Interview Skills: Asking Questions

Interview Challenges

  • Interview Skills: Opening Interviews
  • Interview Skills: Tough Interviews
  • Interview Skills: Following Through

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