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What happens after you take our courses and workshops?

You will be prepared for every step of the job-hunting process.

You will know how to:

  • Know your strengths and desires
  • Develop a job-hunting plan
  • Target the right jobs
  • Research the companies
  • Customize your resume and cover letters
  • Prepare for the job interviews
  • Engage in a successful interview
  • Effectively follow up

How can we help you now that you are prepared?

We will use our business resources and personal contacts to help you find an internship or job.

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FITTING INTO AMERICA Make a new home for yourself. Learn the basics of daily life and better understand your new culture.
SAFETY AND IMPROVEMENT How to succeed while staying safe. Information that will make the U.S. more comfortable and secure.
STANDING OUT TO GET A JOB Find valuable internships, insights into finding jobs and successfully winning them through personal branding.
SUCCEEDING IN AMERICA Start your career off right. Invaluable insights into jump starting your career while settling in the United States.


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