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Whether you are an incoming freshman trying to understand how to please American professors, or a new MBA graduate preparing for an important job interview, we can help.

Your coach will be your mentor as you deal with a very different culture than the one you were brought up in.

They all have experiences in creating success in America.  Many of our coaches are Chinese who have gone through what you are going through right now – adjusting to living in the United States.

Here is an example of what is involved in one of our most popular coaching packages.  It consists of four one-and–a-half-hour sessions and includes resumes, cover letters, networking and job interviews.  The coach and student work together in person.

  • The coach emphasizes the fact that a job candidate is in the business of marketing himself or herself to potential employers
  • The coach interviews the candidate’s personal goals, interests, accomplishments and career plans
  • The coach and student/job candidate will determine the key reasons that candidate will be a superior employee
  • They will discuss career plans and target companies to apply to, including some that might not be obvious at first
  • Explore how to network comfortably and effectively.  And learn how to create an elevator pitch that begins a fruitful conversation
  • Examine the many aspects of a successful job interview, including understanding what information the job interviewer is seeking and how to distinguish yourself

And please remember that you can mix and match the topics to fit your needs or address a specific challenge.

Here are some specific categories and topics you can choose from:


We hope you will let us help you.  Simply email us at or call 312.280.9288 at no cost or obligation to find out how we can advance your success. You will be glad to know that the person who answers will speak Chinese

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FITTING INTO AMERICA Make a new home for yourself. Learn the basics of daily life and better understand your new culture.
SAFETY AND IMPROVEMENT How to succeed while staying safe. Information that will make the U.S. more comfortable and secure.
STANDING OUT TO GET A JOB Find valuable internships, insights into finding jobs and successfully winning them through personal branding.
SUCCEEDING IN AMERICA Start your career off right. Invaluable insights into jump starting your career while settling in the United States.

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