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Why We Call Our Classes and Workshops Fit-In, Stand-Out

We call our courses, workshops, and coaching Fit-In, Stand-Out because there are two aspects to what we offer.

First we teach you how to fit into America. We provide basic information on things such as shopping, banking, and transportation. But most importantly, we explore and explain the cultural differences between Chinese and Americans. We then build on that understanding to help you become more comfortable and effective in dealing with professors, colleagues, superiors, and friends.

We then help you get internships by teaching you how to differentiate yourself and create a unique personal brand. You will also develop important business and social skills ranging from succeeding in job interviews to working more effectively with American colleagues.

Through our coaching services we will remain available to you as you put what you have learned into action and enjoy your success.

Our key value stems from our understanding and appreciation of both American and Chinese cultures, thinking patterns, decision-making and business processes.

Knowledge and experience are important. But what is most important is our passion in connecting the two countries to create better understanding, greater opportunities, and a better world.

In summary, you should take advantages of our courses because unless you learn how to fit in to America, you will not be successful; and if you want to get jobs and internships, you will have to learn how to stand out as a superior job candidate.

Our company is founded by two people with experience and passion

Jing Cesarone was born in China and has become successful in the U.S.  Jing will share her hard-earned experience about adjusting to America and creating a thriving entrepreneurial business operating between both countries,


Nick Farina is an American businessman with a diverse background in fields ranging from communications to investment banking.  He has hired, evaluated and mentored hundreds of job candidates.


Please let us and our team of expert coaches share their expertise and experience with you.

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